We work on any technology only if we are confident about it. The confidence of development using any platform, scripting or programming languages comes from the kind of team we have.

The confidence building exercise starts right from the recruitment process. We have been a very careful recruiters since the day of our inception. Strong technical knowhow, analytical skills and quality-oriented mindset are a must. Even if we are recruiting freshers, we have been very particular about how trainable the individual is.

This makes at times makes us slow recruiters in terms of process, but we have been reaping the fruits and oh boy, how sweet they are!

We have always been making sure that our confidence is contagious and is being passed to our clients as early as possible.

We work on following technologies…

MicrosoftOpensource – PHPFront endPython
.NET MVCYii 2 frameworkBootstrap HTMLODOO
ASP.NETLaravel FrameworkAngular JSDJANGO
ASP.NET CoreWordPressReact JSFlask
VB.NETSuite CRMReact Native 

We also undertake mobile application development using React and AngularJS. Details about it are mentioned in Mobile application development section of the website.