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SugarCRM is one of the most popular, widely used and most affordable open source web-based CRM software in today’s market. Regardless of your company size, SugarCRM is an ideal solution for businesses looking to manage customer relationships in an effective and efficient manner.

"Benchmark IT is a certified SugarCRM Consultant focused on helping small and medium sized businesses."

At Benchmark IT Solutions, we specialize in SugarCRM development, “implementation”, installation, customization, maintenance, consultation and much more. Our SugarCRM developers can help you organize and share customer information, companies and sales opportunities through a centralized location. With SugarCRM our developers can help you to tap into an array of functionalities to help you track accounts, contacts, leads, sales opportunities and all the associated activities such as phone calls, meetings and tasks. Through the use of SugarCRM you can improve the performance and efficiency of your business and at the same time drastically reduce your administration costs.

"We have the most talented people in our SugarCRM development services and they can customise most of the major and crucial business processes."

SugarCRM provides your sales team with real-time data and with the tools necessary to effectively manage and collaborate with one another on all sales and marketing efforts using one unified system from anywhere in the world.


  • Variety of plug-ins can be integrated to enhance basic functionalities
  • Used by businesses of all sizes and Industries
  • Fully open source, web-based, easy to Use, intuitive, and no training necessary
  • Modular and extensible architecture
  • No licensing cost, only customization and support charges
  • Full access to your data
  • Automates all CRM functionalities


Easy Set-Up and Administration

  • Downloadable plug-ins to enhance basic functionalities
  • Pre-built dashboards, with the ability to customize if required, provides real-time information about business performance
  • Access Control allows certain information to be shared or restricted based on user credentials
  • Ability to bulk import existing customer data (Ex. from other CRM tools such as Sales Force and ACT, or as a .CSV file)

Customer Relationship Management

  • Account creation and management, with any number of contacts associated with each account
  • Detailed activity history of meetings, calls, tasks, notes with option for file attachments and emails is tracked for each contact, account, lead, opportunity and case
  • Manage your leads and sales prospects throughout the sales cycle to help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks

Sales Force Automation

  • Dashboard – provides a single-view of the important statistics about sales performance including: Pipeline by sales stage, Pipeline by month & Opportunity by outcome, and opportunity by sales stage
  • Summary view of upcoming appointments, top opportunities, open cases, leads, open tasks, sales pipeline graph, monthly calendar, and a quick contact entry facility
  • Sales lead creation and tracking, and conversion of sales leads into opportunities
  • Graphical dashboard display of opportunities pipeline, lead sources and outcomes

Track Sales Opportunities

  • Track important information, such as the status of your sales opportunities, revenue potential, probability of closing, and expected close date so that you can forecast your sales with confidence
  • Sort and filter your contacts and sales opportunities with views to see only the most relevant information
  • Include product or service and price information related to your opportunities which can help to identify potential revenue streams and product or service demand

Customer Service Tracking

  • Track customer problems and resolutions
  • Each case links to the related account, contacts, notes, associated files, plus call and meeting activity history

Advanced Reporting

  • Informative, preformatted reports track the status of sales efforts, help you prioritize sales tasks, and can offer insight into your business
  • Run customized reports to quickly filter and summarize information about your business contacts and opportunities

Corporate Calendar

  • Calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all corporate activities, with an associated task list
  • Shared calendar for viewing other users’ calendars to help to avoid scheduling conflicts

Work Flow & Contract Management

  • Control how information moves through your business more efficiently
  • Tasks may be assigned to users, with the option to have automatic email notifications sent to advise users of new tasks or leads requiring action or follow-up
  • Log contract start and end dates, and create workflow to make a task appear prior to a contract expiration
  • Enhanced lead sharing automates the transfer of leads generated from marketing into the sales pipeline
  • Synchronize SugarCRM with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers

Create Quotes & Invoices

  • Create a product or item list within SugarCRM to generate quotes for your products and/or services
  • Convert Opportunity records into PDF quotes and invoices that can then be emailed to the account contact
  • Import price lists so you can have the most current product information for your quotes

Manage Customer Information

  • Organize and access all of your prospect and customer information in one central place
  • Automatically associate incoming and outgoing email messages and appointments with your accounts, business contacts, or business opportunities so you can easily find them later
  • Link tasks, notes, phone logs, and files to your accounts, business contacts, or sales opportunities so you can retrieve them quickly

Share Customer Information with Co-Workers

  • Share your customer information across your business with designated co-workers
  • Provides managers with a comprehensive view of customer information and sales opportunities across the company and assists co-workers to fill in for each other
  • Help your sales leads easily see who is working on what and what stage in the sales process each account is in

Email Campaign Management

  • Compose HTML emails and send them to selected records from within SugarCRM
  • Any email campaigns sent are automatically assigned to the account record, enabling you to track each customer’s exposure to your different communications and campaigns over time

Go Mobile

  • Provides smartphone and tablet access that is hassle-free so you can continue to work away from the office on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad devices.
  • Less downtime and greater productivity.

Multilingual Support

  • Comes with support for 22 languages and support for right-to-left languages
  • Multi-currency support
  • Ready for global deployment

Examples of SugarCRM Services We Provide:

  • Consulting & Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Business Analysis & Process Mapping
  • Migration to SugarCRM
  • Integration Services
  • Customizing reports that are not available by default
  • Enhancing work flows, such as project management, HR and other functionalities
  • Complex scheduling, including staffing, fleet Management, and maintenance tracking, etc.

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