Confidently launch bug-free, high-performance products with a superior experience

Customers have become extremely demanding and are unwilling to accept buggy, slow, and poor-quality products. In a highly competitive marketplace, software testing is the crucial enabler of product quality.

While ensuring high quality for their applications, organizations also need to ensure faster time to market. 

This calls for a deep understanding of software testing strategies, latest technologies, automation techniques, vast experience of testing a wide variety of software applications, and execution capabilities. 

Benchmark IT Solutions brings all these to the table to help small and medium-size enterprises release faster, while still maintaining quality standards. 

Software Testing Services

Benchmark IT Solutions offers end-to-end software testing services for your web and mobile applications and software products.

We offer

Functional Testing

Rigorously testing the functionality of the software application to ensure it works as per the requirement specification.

Unit Testing

Testing every individual element of the software application to ensure that each works as intended.

Integration Testing

Testing the interface between various units of the software application to ensure they work together seamlessly and deliver the overall functionality.

Performance Testing

Stress testing the entire software application to ensure that it performs under the extremes of usage parameters and behaves as expected in terms of speed, reliability, and stability.

Mobile Testing

Testing mobile applications for functionality, usability, and consistency across various device types, screen sizes, and operating systems.

Load Testing

Testing the application under specific load conditions and access by multiple simultaneous users to ensure that it functions as expected without hampering the end-user experience.

Software Testing Expertise

Manual Testing

Many facets of testing require the application of human judgment or are constrained by the lack of specific tools for automating specific use cases. In many cases, the investment in test automation is not immediately justified. In such cases, manual testing, done strategically and systematically delivers outstanding outcomes. 

We help companies define powerful manual testing strategies and execute those for the best outcomes. 

Automation Testing

Automation testing helps in faster execution of repetitive tasks, reduces manual errors, and increases test coverage while reducing the testing costs. To get optimal results from test automation, it is necessary to define a robust test automation strategy that aligns with the business goals, use the right set of test automation tools and technologies, deep understanding of the application, and wide experience. 

With our team of certified testing experts and unique methodologies, we help organizations gain the full benefits of test automation. 

Our Software Testing Approach

Our software testing approach is designed to deliver high-quality products in the shortest time possible. For this, we follow an extremely structured approach and leverage our proprietary intellectual properties, best practices, processes, and frameworks. Our approach consists of-
  • Planning: Define testing strategies, objectives, and align them with business goals.  
  • Designing: Design testing framework, test data management, define automation strategy. 
  • Development: Create test data, test cases, test scripts, and repository management. 
  • Execution: Create test environment, perform manual testing, execute automation scripts, results tracking, and closure. 
  • Maintenance: Update test assets and test scripts. 

Why Choose Benchmark IT Solutions for Software Testing?

Here is why Benchmark IT Solutions is best qualified to help you – 

We have – 

  • End-to-end experience of all aspects of software testing and test automation 

  • Relationship focus – most of our customer engagements have lasted over 10 years 

  • Hundreds of hours of experience in the design of testing strategies and executing those 

  • Several high-quality product releases

  • Software products and apps being used by thousands of users 

  • State-of-the-art testing infrastructure 

  • Quality-oriented approach 

  • Robust processes, strong security policies, DevOps and Agile practices, and test automation expertise

All these things ensure that your products and apps are the best in every way, and you drive customer loyalty through high-quality product experiences. 

We have expertise in these software testing and test automation technologies

  • Katalon, Java, Selenium, Cucumber, JBehave, Soap UI, REST, JSON and XML, Eclipse IDE, etc
  • Apache JMeter, Gatling, Blazemeter
  • Java Selenium Webdriver, API Automation, Appium, TestNG
  • Automation testing of JavaScript-based applications (Like Angular, and React)
  • API and BDD
  • SQL, XML, JSON, Fiddler, Postman, HP ALM
  • Implementing CI/CD pipeline
  • New Relic, Appdynamics, Introscope, Dynatrace