Product Engineering

At Benchmark IT Solutions, product engineering is part of our DNA. With over 8 years of experience as a software product development company, Benchmark has built a strong competency in building the best in class products to compete in today’s marketplace. We work closely and consult our clients through all the phases of the product life cycle from ideation to support and maintenance. We understand the interdependencies between product life-cycle functions and their consequences on the end product and if you are just starting up with the product we have experience with the moving pivot. We invest our time in understanding the challenges and market dynamics of the product and jointly work with our clients to ensure that the product remains ahead of the curve.

Our Process

Building a successful product requires sharp technological skills; disciplined execution, refined processes, and an experienced team that can help you navigate through some of the difficulties that come with product engineering to reduce product development failure.
Benchmark with its advanced technology and industry expertise can get your idea to the market faster through our Product Life cycle services. From the time you think of a product to the time you have it in the market is crucial for its success. Our software product engineering services helps you to launch product even faster.
Benchmark’s team of product development engineers can assist you in supporting your strategic objectives and be an integral part of your product development team. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification enables us to meet quality management compliance standards and our thorough documentation processes ensure accountability and traceability. With an array of communication and collaboration tools throughout the product development cycle, you will not only receive complete project transparency but also the peace of mind that comes with predictable, repeatable results.
Benchmark has helped provide value to its clients by addressing their primary product engineering challenges such as:
  • Rapid time-to-market to respond to changing market demands.
  • High Quality of Services (QoS) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Reduction in cost of development to ensure ROI.
  • Manage escalating costs of maintenance and support of deployed products.
  • Increased focus on business.
Benchmark’s team of product development engineers can provide the following services to meet your product engineering needs:
  • Complete end-to-end product engineering services from conceptualization through design, development, testing to product support and maintenance.
  • Prototyping, proof of concepts and R&D services which helps to validate your solution at an early stage in the product lifecycle.
  • Center of Excellence (COEs) for on-demand needs, covering various technologies and domains, including specialized areas.
  • Agile processes that conform to the best industry benchmarks, yet are adaptable to your situation.
  • Knowledge based engineering that helps you reduce design cycle time.
  • Team of specialized resources across various technologies.
  • Quick resource ramp-up capabilities utilizing our world class training infrastructure
  • Utilization of proven tools, techniques and best practices from our knowledge database resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Offshore Development Center (ODC) to meet your extended product development need.