SugarCRM Implementation For Oil Filtration Franchise

SugarCRM Implementation For Oil Filtration Franchise

Project Details:
SugarCRM Implementation For Oil Filtration Franchise
The required solution needed to connect various users, increase information flow, facilitate better tracking and communication and offer corporate performance dashboards.

Technologies Used:
PHP, MySQL, SugarCRM, HTML5 (Mobile Interface)

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  • The client provides environmental kitchen solutions and cooking oil filtration systems and services around the world to restaurants and other food establishments.
  • Services include extending the life of the cooking oil, cleaning frying utilities and reducing the energy consumption and food waste by converting the used oil in a bio-diesel and delivering fresh new oil to restaurants.
  • Products and services are delivered to the customers via franchise model. Individuals and corporations work with the Client to deliver the products.
  • For each entity such as recruiting franchisees, managing customers, cleaning services and waste oil collection system. The client used different applications to manage operations and data.
  • The Client was looking to implement a better technology solution that ties together all its franchises, franchisees, sales personnel, IT staff, end customers and other entities together under one easy to use system.
  • The required solution needed to connect various users, increase information flow, facilitate better tracking and communication and offer corporate performance dashboards.
  • The solution also needed to be robust and scalable to grow with the organization as it expands its service offerings.
  • Due to the overall project scope, the implemented solution had to be executed in several phases. SugarCRM was selected to build the solution based on the requested features and flexibility offered by SugarCRM to implement various customer management features that match with the Client’s system requirements.

First phase was focused on building important sections in SugarCRM for the administrative backend and collection system for the end users and collection agents.

  • Administrative section included:

    • Entering and managing data entries for existing franchisees (with all business related information).
    • Entering and managing data for customers and services preferences per customer.
    • Managing data for Collectors, pricing charts for waste oil collection, commissions offered to Client on giving business to Collectors.
    • Back office tool to manage invoices to be paid to Collectors and Invoices to be collected from Customers.
  • Front Section for end user is mainly focused for login feature for Collectors to manage their collections and track invoices:

    • Collectors can view all associated customers and waste oil collection preferences per customer.
    • Collectors can enter its daily collecting entry with specially designed forms. The designed system does all the calculations automatically (based on the pricing charts in admin section) and automatically generates and sends invoices to Customers.
    • Client administrator and Collectors users can track their revenues and invoices.
    • Back office tool to manage invoices to be paid to Collectors and Invoices to be collected from Customers.

The second phase of this SugarCRM implementation was focused on enabling access for the Client’s sales team and Franchisee owners and their Sales team to view all customer data and implementing a complete Sales CRM system to manage existing customers and facilitate the sales team in tracking new customers. The Sales CRM included:

  • Franchisee login.
  • Client sales team login.
  • Franchisee sales person login.
  • Managing data for leads.
  • Client product demos to customers.
  • Daily phone calls tracking and scheduling.
  • Notes out of daily tasks and meeting.
  • Full featured calendar with reminders and recurring events.
  • Calendar for sales team (Client sales manager).
  • Ability for Client’s sales team to add more customers and assign to respective franchisees as per geographic region of new customers.

With the administrative systems already in place along with data for existing customers and ability to track new customers, the third phase was focused on implementing a system specifically for the Franchisees to manage their business, various products and services and all core operations that the Client offers to customers via Franchisees.

In this phase, the system was exposed to Internal Users of Franchisees (identified as Technicians in system). These technicians perform all patented Client operations such as cleaning the fryers and processing the cooking oil to extend its life.

  • Login feature for Franchisee Technicians.
  • Knowing customer preferences for services on particular day and time; system automatically creates schedule of service visits for each technician.
  • Technicians can also generate their own schedule as per their preferences.
  • After performing services at the customer, Franchisee technicians enter worksheet with all details for each service visit, various operations performed and time spent for each visit.
  • Based on services performed, amount of oil processed system automatically calculates and generates invoice which is sent for approval to Franchisee administrator and then it’s sent to actual customer.
  • Franchisees can track all such invoices in a separate module.

Mobile interface is offered to the franchise for easy lookup on the database of leads/ hot leads, potentials and customers on the go and add new records of the potentials while in the field. Following are some of the functions those offered on the mobile.

  • Facility for franchise to login and identify themselves.
  • Offer the client lookup and search, show client detailed records with phone numbers and address, Ability to directly call from the client’s list.
  • Show nearby potentials /leads /clients on the map based on the current location.
  • Ability to add new potentials quickly by typing the name, phone.
  • Ability to detect the current address of the location based on GPS.