Mobile application development

We develop iOS and android applications for our clients. There are options of developing native applications as well as developing platform independent apps using angular JS or react JS or react native.

Now a days we generally suggest our clients to go with hybrid mobile application development. The most important of them is, it saves a lot of money for our client. Developing mobile apps using angular JS or react JS or react native doesn’t need three different developers, one each for iOS, Android and the web developer. It directly saves the cost of development a mobile application by almost 50%.

For those who don’t know about hybrid mobile apps, these apps are developed using either angular JS or react JS. Using one of these java scripts the entire coding is done and then it is compiled for different platforms like iOS and android etc. 

React native is also a good option. For those who don’t know, the Facebook app on your mobile is developed using react native. Initially with lower versions angular JS there were problems related to the user experience and upgradation but now with latest versions of angular most of the limitations have been worked out and the upgrades of the app are possible.

This doesn’t mean we do not do native apps. We discuss this with clients initially and the new suggest them the pros and cons of hybrid mobile app development and native mobile application development. We have both the teams one for the native mobile application development as well as a full stack development team for hybrid mobile applications development.

Please check our mobile application development portfolio in the case studies section.