Franchise Management Solutions

Franchise Central Software


It’s difficult for Franchise to find a single platform, turnkey solution that provides them the ability to customize features to manage and meet their unique business needs.

Benchmark IT Solutions has built a solution which can help Franchise create a more agile platform on which a tailored, effective Information Management Solution is developed using open source technologies.

"We believe that the franchise management software built by Benchmark IT Solutions will help you increase sales, reach higher customer satisfaction levels, and have full reporting and visibility for franchise management system."

We understand that every franchise has its own distinctive needs and that there are common challenges faced such as:

  • Different technologies by departments/business units,
  • Inconsistent execution in processes,
  • Poor collaboration between teams/departments,
  • Declining productivity,
  • Manual processes for the creation of reports from various data sources,
  • Inability to collectively manage contacts, documents, financials, properties, units and locations
  • Issues with staff recruitment and marketing.

The team at Benchmark IT Solutions can help your franchise organization overcome many if not all of these obstacles at significant annual savings. By using open source technologies, a significant amount of development time and savings can be experienced as open source solutions offer pre-built modules, and Benchmark IT Solutions adds in the franchise specific needs such as management of the recruitment and application process, property development, operations and legal compliance, and customer relations and much more.

"We promise to provide best franchise management software."

Some of the features and benefits of a Franchise Management Solutions from Benchmark IT Solutions:

  • System Integration and consolidation to improve process efficiency
  • Optimizing accounting system and financial consolidation
  • CRM (Campaign, Lead Tracking, New recruitment, Collaboration & Training)
  • Data consolidation, Custom reports for revenue and business forecast.
  • Back office Intranet and portals for Franchise users and customers.

Franchise Solutions

Marketing & CRM

  • Customized to your process, remove all the unnecessary clutter from the CRM.
  • Managing data in efficient manner, leading to effective customer relationships
  • Campaign management for franchise recruitment and customers.
  • Opportunity and lead management
  • Activity tracking, complete communication history
  • Reports: sales, opportunity, sales performance and more.
  • Integration with third party email software
  • Automated lead collection

Customer Portal

  • Mobile compatible customer portal
  • Real time access to invoices/payments
  • Ability to make online payments, schedule recurring payments.
  • View list of available services and make request online
  • View Account Statement
  • Provide feedback/suggestions.

Franchisee Portal

  • Manage list of customers. View Account statement for each customer
  • Keep track of day-to-day activity with complete calendar capabilities.
  • Comprehensive CRM capabilities
  • Multiple user login for each franchise (back office user, marketing team, technicians, with user level access control)
  • Integration with franchise accounting software helps import information like customers, invoices and payments from the accounting software.
  • Ability able to add / edit / delete customers
  • Ability to see the online payments made by the customers against the invoices. Initiate recurring payment for a customer.
  • Ability to see the customer feedback received during the online payment

Internal Workflows

  • Customized workflow as per business requirements
  • Speed up the work of your internal employees
  • Interact with Franchisee users as part of workflow and increase efficiency


  • Sales report
  • Revenue report
  • Pipeline and opportunity report
  • Demos to customer conversion ratio report
  • Monthly, weekly conversion report.
  • Performance and efficiency report for sales and marketing team.

Accounting (Invoicing and reconciliation)

  • Keep track of rebates for NCAs and discounts/commissions from Franchisees
  • Tracking of all unapplied Payments
  • Bulk import and processing of remittance document. Create remittance report
  • Automated reports generated are emailed franchise and are archived automatically.
  • Export invoices data to third party accounting software. (e.g. Sage, QuickBooks, Ariba, ReactorNet)
  • Accept online payments from customers and auto sync with franchisee QuickBooks- online.

Benefits for Franchisor

  • Up to 100% reduction in recurring cost of CRM and other software by using open source solution.
  • Increase internal operational efficiency by over 60%.
  • Reduce up to 90% of accounts/finance team due to process automation.
  • Mobile compatible Customer Portal, provide easy access to information & stay ahead of competition.
  • Clear Visibility across multiple departments by consolidating multiple software systems that cannot talk to each other.





  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Processes
  • Best Practices & Proven Methodologies
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • More than 85% Employee Retention
  • Over 95% Successful Project Ratio
  • Results Driven Infrastructure
  • Focus on Client Satisfaction
  • Copyright / IP Protection