Enterprise applications development

Gone are the days where the enterprises used to develop the trivial software from scratch e.g. ecommerce, process flow, CRMs etc. We believe most of the mainstream businesses have some open source software implementations available in the market. Some of these open source software are free and other ones have premium (paid) versions as well.

Once we have the client’s requirements, our team looks if any readymade solution is available off the shelf. If we find anything close enough to what you are looking for, we evaluate the source code quality, features, security aspects, resources needed for implementation, licenses etc.

Once the due diligence is done, we discuss the solution with our clients and see if they like it. Sometimes there are few tweaks and changes, configurations or customizations are needed because of business specific workflows and other requirements. In case of customization needs, we also evaluate what will be good for the client, customization or process reengineering. We decide the further plan of action based on the evaluation.

In few cases as said earlier, there are no open source or off the shelf products available. Then we build it from the ground up and follow the standard software development life cycle.

To sum it up, it is better to spend some money on evaluating readily available products, be it paid licenses or open source instead of directly going for the software development from scratch. It can save a lot of time, money and future headaches.